10 Basic Ways to Make Your Life Greener

If you’re interested about living a greener life, you’ve come to the right place.


It can be stressful at first thinking about changing your current lifestyle so dramatically. If I was to tell myself two years ago I would living the life I do now, I would be stressed. The good news? You don’t have to be an extremist to begin taking steps to living a more Eco-friendly life.


Most of us are not all-or-nothing types of people. And that’s okay! Taking steps gives you more time to focus on certain subjects and build your knowledge instead of being a jack-of-all-trades.


So without further adieu, Here are 10 basic ways you can make a difference without the stress:


1. Take Shorter Showers

The average length of a shower in the U.S. is about 8.2 minutes. This is a tough one for a lot of people which is exactly why I listed it first. If you’re like me, you LOVE long hot showers. The steam filling the bathroom, your pores open. It’s your time to relax and enjoy simply being clean. There’s nothing like that warm, toasty water striking your skin the moment you step into the shower.


The good news is that you don’t have to give up your steamy showers completely. Instead of 30 minute showers, try cutting back to 10 minutes instead. You’ll save lots of water and inevitably save money on your water bill. Set a timer in the bathroom if you need to. You’ll be surprised at how fast the time flies!


Outdoor compost pile
Outdoor compost pile


2. Start Composting

You don’t have to live on a farm in order to compost. A simple little bucket or container with a lid in the kitchen to store all of your food scraps is more than enough. Don’t worry- your apartment won’t smell like rotting food if you keep a lid on it. If you have plants, compost will be a great treat for them instead of commercial fertilizer. If you grow plants outside, you’ll be adding nutrients back to the soil which is exactly what it needs. Just make sure your compost is ready before it’s added to the soil.


If your compost isn’t fully decomposed yet, use it as mulch!


3. Keep House Plants

Plants provide us with oxygen and cleaner air! Plus there are many varieties of plants that require very little care like Aloe Vera or succulents. Herbs are incredibly easy to care for and can be used for multiple purposes like cooking, drinks, and soaps.


Keeping plants that don’t require as much watering can also contribute to saving water, so it’s a win-win!


4. Use Greener or Alternative Cleaning Products

I love using essential oils to clean my house. They are very effective and last much longer than household chemicals. If you don’t have any essential oils, there are many products like Mrs. Meyers or Eco All Purpose Cleaner that is better than acid-based products. Indoor air pollution can be just as deadly as outdoor air pollution. Begin eliminating those harsh chemicals so you don’t inhale them.


Harmful chemicals can also be found in our shower soaps and even make-up. Learning how to make your own, or buying eco-friendly brands of make-up can help the environment and your health.


5. Make Your Own Products

If you want to take #4 a step further, try getting creative and make your own products! Homemade soaps like laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, and other everyday-use products are cheap and easy to make. In my opinion they work just as well as commercial detergents. Plus, if you have kids, they now have an activity which I’m sure they would enjoy.


Making your own soap will reduce your household waste and even save you a ton of money in the future!


Biking helps you to avoid rush hour traffic, finding a parking spot, and squeezing in work out time instead of going to the gym.


6. Bike or Carpool

Cars are extremely convenient. Unfortunately they are the worlds largest source of outdoor air pollution. Thankfully car companies are working hard to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that come from vehicles. Over 70% of CO2 emissions have been reduced from cars made after the 1970’s. We still have a long way to go though.


Try limiting your driving by taking a bike or carpooling when you can. Biking is a great family activity and an excellent way to stay in shape. Trick out your ride by adding baskets and biking to the store. Take your bikes to the city and enjoy a nice bike ride in your downtown area. Don’t have a bike? Many cities offer bike rentals as a means for transportation and to help reduce the amount of city air pollution.


This option is not available to everyone. But if you do live in an area where biking instead of driving is possible, then I encourage you to give it a try.


7. Glass Instead of Plastic

I’ll admit- I can be a jar hoarder. I have TONS of jars in my root cellar. Most of them were from pasta sauce jars that I didn’t want to throw away but I had no idea what I would do with them. I will be getting rid of them soon (as my boyfriend gives a great sigh of relief).


But jars are so convenient! You can use jars for basically anything. You can ferment, sprout, store your leftovers, store your homemade soaps, keep your flours and grains….the list goes on.


We eliminated many of our plastic containers by simply saving jars from food that we bought from the grocery store. When you buy food that is in a jar (like pasta sauce), you’re spending some change on the jar itself. Put your money to use and get creative.


8. Reusable Produce Bags Instead of Plastic

Reusable bags are a life changer. I always hated coming home from the grocery store and being left with a pile of plastic bags. Reusable plastic produce bags will definitely solve that problem. You may come home with a few plastic bags every now and then (because nobody is perfect), but they won’t be piling up in the drawer in your kitchen waiting to be used as tiny trash bags.


Reducing the amount of plastic bags you come home with will certainly reduce the amount of waste output from your home. Sometimes I felt the need to produce more trash simply because I had so many plastic bags to get rid of. . If you do have the option, ask for paper instead of plastic. Many stores still offer paper bags as an alternative.


9. Bring Your Own Cup to Gas Stations or Coffee Shops

Many coffee shops and gas stations will offer a discount if you return the glass bottle the drink originally came in, or if you bring your own cup to fill. Companies have no problem re-filling cups. It saves them money by not using up as much of their waste products.


I love coffee! Specialty drinks are fantastic. But really think about how many cups you would be saving from going into the landfill just by bringing your own cup. If you drink coffee like most of us do, I’m guessing it’s alot.


10. Have a Recycling Bin in Your Kitchen

Recycling is much easier than it sounds. You don’t need a fancy recycling bin (many of which are way overpriced) to start recycling. Get a recycling system set up in your house and turn them into cash at your local recycling center. Most recycling centers will pay by the pound depending on the item. The more you recycle, the more you’re paid. Woot!


And you can make a pretty penny from just recycling cans. I have seen people with trucks drive everywhere and anywhere just to search for aluminum cans. You better believe they’re making good money.



This list is by no means the only 10 things you can do to help keep the Earth clean, but it’s a good start. You don’t have to sacrifice your Saturday by going to the local park and picking up trash (although that is very helpful!). The real change begins in your life. It begins with the choices we make that we don’t give consideration to.




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